Plump Desires

Samantha38G. A woman who has said many times that she enjoys it when men pull their dicks out of their pants to enjoy her big, luscious, five-pound melons and all the rest of her. That's ten pounds of chest-fruit.

J.R. has his hands full of Samantha. Full of ripe, succulent sweater-meat. Sweater-meat to squeeze, rub and fondle. Nipples to lick, pinch and suck.

"I don't do anything I don't do at home," Samantha once told us. "I don't know if I really take charge, but I'm not intimidated by men in bed. I'm not waiting for them to make me happy. It's a give and take situation for me.

I think it's different for each man as far as what he finds attractive in a woman," said Samantha about the magnetic pull big breasted women have on men. "Genetically, you're engineered to be attracted to women with big boobs and hips because they have the best fertility. I think it's getting more acceptable for guys to like bigger women now and not be ashamed of it.

"That's even true with women. The few times I've gone out with my girlfriends, I've had more problems with 24-year-old girls wanting to grab my tits instead of men. I'll come around the corner and they'll say, 'Wow, are those real?' and I'm saying, 'Hello, I don't even know you!' So I think it's changing now even with women."

Plump Desires

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