Professor Sandra & Her Star Pupil

We're not saying that Sandra Star missed her calling by not training to become a teacher. She already does a great job teaching men more about sex education than they ever learned before meeting the German porn superstar.

When Professor Star spots a slovenly punk student in the hallway, she furiously seizes him by the collar and flings him into an empty room. What will be his punishment by this super-stacked sexbomb?

Her disciplinary action begins by jamming his face between her big tits. She grabs him by the cock and balls and gives him an oral lesson. Then Sandra tit-fucks him, something all her guys love. This is punishment? She completes her tutorial by making him fuck her cunt and asshole on one of the tables.

Professor Star is stern but fair. No student may leave until their balls are milked for her pleasure. What a woman.

Professor Sandra & Her Star Pupil

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