Roxi, Goddess of Gazongas

It's moving day for Roxi Red and she's having some trouble getting a box into her new place. It's extremely heavy because it's filled with Roxi's bras. Really big bras! It's intolerable that no hero has come to her rescue. She could break a fingernail. At that moment, her new neighbor Patrick passes by and sees this Amazonian breast goddess in need of a helping hand or two, and offers to lug the box inside.

A grateful Roxi happily encourages him to apply his helping hands to her spectacular sweater-melons. She loves having her sensational rack worshipped and enjoys the attention, one of the reasons she originally came to SCORE. Patrick sticks his head under Roxi's top for a motorboating. Each breast is much bigger than his head.

Roxi is more chatty than usual. Patrick is too occupied with oral breast worshipping to engage in tit-talk. Most guys are speechless when meeting Roxi and actually getting to feel her super-knockers.

Roxi takes the lead and directs Patrick to the bed. He's going to enjoy the kind of breast sex that's almost impossible to get. There are only a few women in the world with a Roxi Red rack and they're almost impossible to find, let alone photograph. After the boob feast, it's time to fuck.

Roxi, Goddess of Gazongas

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