Roxi Red meets JMac

"I just got measured," Roxi Red said. "I'm a 44-JJ."

And guess who measured her sensational naturals? JMac, a man who has seen a lot of big tits in his day but couldn't believe the size of Roxi's heavy hooters.

Of course, being the man that he is, after he was finished measuring Roxi, JMac sucked and fucked her tits. So, woman that she is, Roxi returned the favor by sucking his dick and giving up her pussy. And after he was done fucking her pussy, JMac fucked her tits some more and came all over them.

This reminds me of an email we recently received from SCORELAND member Tony, who wrote, "The SCORE Group team is so good at assembling the best-breasted women around, so much so that it puts one in a situation where you would not actually bang any of these girls simply because you'd never get past their tits. Really, you'd have to skip the top totally and bang them first. Otherwise you'd be bogged down in tit forever."

JMac did not become "bogged down in tit forever" but only because our videographer was there to direct him from Roxi's tits to her pussy. JMac told us he would've been very happy just fucking Roxi's tits.

In this video, Roxi explains how she likes her breasts handled and played with.

"I like them touched gently," she says. "A little touch with your tongue. They're very heavy, about 13 pounds apiece."

We'd be willing to do the heavy lifting if Roxi's tits were involved.

Roxi Red meets JMac

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