Secretary of Stacked

Toppsy Curvey is the super-stacked secretary of big boobs in this pictorial, filmed during Toppsy's brunette phase.

Toppsy had an interesting point-of-view about her career as a feature dancer.

25 years ago in 1993, Toppsy told a SCORE editor, "I consider my fans my husbands. When they come to see me, I give them my full attention, just like I would a husband. To some people that sounds strange, but I'm married to the business. Now, it doesn't mean we have sex. I just give them a lot of attention like every wife gives their husband.

"From what I've seen in men, and believe me, I see a lot more than most women, men aren't seeking a lot of sexual advances when they come to see me. They're seeking entertainment. A lot of them aren't as promiscuous as we all think. Men are shifting away from being promiscuous and are more concerned with good old-fashioned entertainment.

"In the clubs, I'm finding men much more reserved than they ever were. I think it has a lot to do with AIDS. People have realized that promiscuity can be deadly and, even more so, they are realizing that it is better to be loved by one for an eternity than love many for only a short period of time."

Secretary of Stacked

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