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Service With A Smile Starring Suzumi Wilder

If every diner waitress looked like pretty and plump Suzumi Wilder, who would eat at home? Suzumi only has one customer and that's mind-boggling. This joint should be packed with horndogs salivating over Suzumi's cakes, bon-bons and pie.

Now Suzumi usually doesn't work with her bra-encased tits sticking out of her uniform but the zipper is stuck. Her customer, who oddly complains about her wardrobe malfunction, tries to zip her up, which is wrong on every level. That zipper is going nowhere but down. He comes to his senses, zeroing in on Suzumi's big luscious tits. Suzumi's uniform comes off, the door is locked and they get on the sex train to cumsville. This dude not only gets to sample Suzumi's pie, he gets the hottest dick sucking of his life and an invitation to Suzumi's pussy and booty.

Suzumi is up to having an anal escapade after her pussy gets a work-out so Jimmy lays the porcelain doll over three stools and pumps her rump pretty good. What a horny morsel she is. We're always happy to see her back at XL Girls.

Suzumi watches her XL Girls scenes at home and gets off on them. “I think they are fantastic. I love them. My BF also loved them and was incredibly turned-on. We've had sex while we watched them. Making them only made me more freaky.”

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