The fantastic discovery

Since she was first discovered, Jennica Lynn has visited Miami, The Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Prague for TSG shoots. Her passport's gotten a lot of stamping.

Jennica's breasts measure 47 inches. Her areolae are four inches in diameter, and she says they weigh a total of 11 pounds, or five kilograms.

"I'm used to attention," Jennica says. "They always stare. I'll be walking down the street and heads will be turning from every direction. If I'm going out and dressing up nicely, I do enjoy the attention then. During those times, I will wear tops that will show a lot of cleavage."

Jennica relocated to the UK from Sweden to study and work. She reverses the traditional image of the Swedish female as blonde, slim and not very busty. Jennica's worked in retail shops and hotels, and when she checked out the world of webcams, where people get naked and naughty, she decided to give it a try.

This mirrored bedroom provides a different kind of perspective as Jennica shows how she's been more than blessed by Mother Nature. She is one of the great discoveries of this decade.

How is life in the UK different than life in Sweden for Jennica?

"I'm sure everyone has different answers to this, but I prefer living in the UK. There's more to see and do in my free time. I guess it's more of an exciting life. I will always love Sweden, though. It's my home."

Is Jennica Lynn the bustiest Swedish girl in the world?

"I have no Idea, but I've never met anyone with bigger natural tits than me in Sweden. So let's say I am!"

The fantastic discovery

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