The Ultimate Mature Model

SCORE columnist Elliot James saw Alexis several times in the late '90s when he covered memorabilia shows such as Glamourcon and Erotica L.A.

"In person, the size of Alexis' chest just blows everyone away," James wrote. "Keep in mind, Alexis is only 5'2" tall out of heels. I found her to be a very sensitive, almost delicate woman and very sexually appealing. She didn't vamp it up at these public shows.

What I found extra-fascinating about this model was the way she sometimes juggled her two identities: the former Joyce Gibson from the 1970s who appeared in Mork & Mindy, and Alexis Love beginning in the 1990s. One time at a Glamourcon show, she wasn't sure what persona to adopt: dark haired Joyce or blonde Alexis. Her natural hair color was brunette.

"Alexis actually asked me for my opinion. Naturally, I opted for her SCORE persona. She had several groups of fans at her table, which was next to the tables of bosom legends June Wilkinson and Michelle Angelo, women who were unbelievably hot-looking when they were young and still sexy as mature ladies.

"Some guys collected her older material and other guys collected her SCORE and current day material. Aside from her own personal 8x10s that she sold, her table was full of SCORE and Voluptuous mags."

The Ultimate Mature Model

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