While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

Sasha, 40 and from California, is sitting at home, wearing a sexy dress, sipping a glass of wine, ready for action, but her deadbeat husband is sprawled out in his chair, snoring his face off.

"I just want to have some fun," Sasha thinks.

She wakes him up, but he tells her the repairman is coming over and he's going back to sleep. The repairman, eh? You know where this is going.

The repairman doesn't speak English, but Sasha doesn't care as long as his cock is hard. Which it is. So Sasha takes him upstairs and fucks the lucky dude while her husband sleeps.

Again, let this be a lesson to you: If you have a hot, mature wife, fuck her until she's satisfied.

While hubby sleeps, Sasha fucks Mr. Fix-It

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