Stephanie Stalls cums to

Peter, who's only 23 years old, is washing Stephanie Stalls' car and trying to mind his own business. But Stephanie, who's 44, has other ideas. She's lounging on her deck, wearing only her bikini bottoms. Her huge tits are out and on display, and when she sees Peter, shirtless, washing her car, she decides that she has better things to do than just lounge on the deck. She wants to bounce on his dick.

She easily gets his attention and brings him inside. She sucks his dick. She wraps her melons around his rod. She has him fuck her every which way, and when we say every which way, we mean it: He fucks her tight asshole, too, and cums on her tits.

This is the first time at for Stephanie, who has been one of the most-popular girls at SCORELAND for nearly 10 years. A real man's girl, Stephanie is a stripper from Tennessee who was living in Kentucky when we found her. She's a feature dancer, but she isn't your typical feature dancer, going around to fancy clubs. No, she likes going to clubs where the patrons are working stiffs in places like North and South Dakota.

Stephanie won Miss Exotic Indiana at the 2009 Exotic Dancer Tradeshow and was voted Audience Favorite at Columbus Gold in Columbus, Ohio. Off-stage, Stephanie goes for wild, crazy sex, especially if she can do the deed in public areas. She's had the pipe laid to her in a men's room at a Denny's Restaurant, which is about as all-American as a girl can experience, and in a pontoon boat on a lake. She likes girls and guys. She shaves her pussy. And she's had a variety of hair styles and colors since 2009.

And one more thing: She's all ours. Yeah, Stephanie has stripped in a lot of places, but she's modeled nude and fucked on-camera only for us. Please join us in welcoming her to

Stephanie Stalls cums to

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