Casey Deluxe: Breastercising

How does sexy Casey Deluxe keep her busty mommy body in perfect shape? You're about to find out in this at-home scene from Germany.

Hand-weights to start. Lovely Casey gets into a groove, lifting and swinging them and building a rhythm. Her tight, orange top limits her movements and she's getting warm so off goes the top. Casey continues topless, her pendulous breasts move and swing as she works the weights.

In close-up slow motion, Casey's boobs rise and fall, slapping against her chest. Then it's time for some rope jumping. Casey tosses her shorts away and continues totally naked. They're restricting her movements. She has an elastic cable with hand grips but she uses it to wrap around her tits, a move that's not in the exercise guidebook provided by the manufacturer. And that's fine with us.

For the cool-down phase, Casey does her breastercises. Sucking, licking, swinging and clapping. This segment is also shot in close-up slow motion so each move can be carefully studied.

To complete the cool-down, Casey massages around her shaved pussy, making her thick lips tingle. All of this exercising makes Casey sleepy. She curls up on her workout mat for a quickie. Good night, Casey.

Casey Deluxe: Breastercising

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