Flattie's Got It Going On

Natalie's boyfriend notices she looks a little different. Did she get a makeover? Change her hair. No...her boobs have grown! Well, it's more like she got assistance from some tissues. After a quick examination he realizes she's stuffed her bra.

"Baby, I love your little boobs!"

Natalie looks embarrassed. She's going to need some reassurance. So he pulls down her bra and suckles her pink buds. He spreads and rubs her meaty lips. Natalie is starting to feel better.

She shows him what kind of blowjob a flattie can give: deep, sloppy, full of spit. She lets him fuck her face, and then she fucks his cock with her pussy. Natalie rides him, her tiny conical titties pointing straight up.

Her eyes roll back the harder he pounds her. She creams all over his shaft. He creams on her face. Now she can really put those tissues to good use.

Flattie's Got It Going On

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