Go West

Go West

A busy, busty stripper and showgirl, Jacqueline West flew to SCORE's London studio at the invitation of director of photography John Graham. She appeared in the December 1997 issue and again in the Holiday 1999 edition.

John has to guide Jacqueline in her introduction to this video. It's uncut so you get to see what was removed by an editor before it was released. She laughs a few times, a good thing, but she definitely needs his directorial guidance.

To get things rolling, he asks her a few questions about her fantasies and her background. She's from Argentina and lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jacqueline toured the USA strip clubs and danced in many showcases and contests during her career. She also used the names Diablo and Ice.

Chat over, Jacqueline vigorously fucks her pussy with a huge dildo and vibrates her clitoris with a wand in a power tool masturbation scene. When this was filmed, Jacqueline wasn't interested in doing hardcore porn. A few years later, she went to Los Angeles and did extreme hardcore scenes. You can never predict what a model will do.

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