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Oil Me Up & Down

Featuring Amiee Roberts
Date November 19th, 2015
Photos 50
Stuff you should know about Amiee Roberts, who's doing it the 305 Miami way in a pink bikini by the water. Occupation: Bookkeeper Recreation: Walking Hobbies: Taking walks, good conversation and shopping Favorite travel spot: Hawaii Favorite television show: The Voice Favorite movie: Twilight Favorite music group: Tim McGraw Favorite perfume: Dior Favorite drink: Malibu rum and cranberry Favorite foods: Pizza and Chinese food Favorite brands of bras: Goddess Favorite style of bras: Wire. Where do you buy your bras? Amiee: Usually online. My boobs are 40H  (!!!)Have you ever weighed your boobs? Amiee: No, but they are heavy. How wide are your areolae? Amiee: A couple of inches. Do you treat your breasts in any special way, like rubbing cream on them? Amiee: No, not really. What position do you sleep in? Amiee: On my side or stomach. Do you have any funny habits? Amiee: Not really!.

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Oil Me Up Down Featuring Amiee Roberts - Oil Me Up & Down Featuring Amiee Roberts

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November 20, 2015
Gorgeous! I love seeing Amiee in her bikini!!! Luscious curves everywhere.
November 19, 2015
Mmm..!! Delicious !!

Amiee My Darling,

You do have a thick, fleshy, juicy and succulent big CUNT as proven on photo no 17 (literally struggling to stay pouched in those lovely bikini panties) and from photos 18 to 24, when you uncovered your lovely cunt for all to see, in all it's majestic glory.

It would be a crying shame if your juicy big cunt ends up NOT GETTING POUNDED by a big, long thick COCK as well as getting licked and eaten by a man's tongue.

XLGirls has the best army of naughty boys you need … and it's high time YOU PROVE YOU ARE A PERFECT TEN both in your cock sucking as well as fucking skills..!!

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