The queen of fuck toys

Karina Hart once told us she usually doesn't use a dildo or vibrator when she masturbates at home. She prefers using her fingers or a removable shower head. Well, that makes her a natural-born dildo user. I say that because I've never seen a SCORE or V-mag Girl who has more dexterity with a fuck toy.

Let me see how I can put this: Hand a tennis racquet to a layman, someone who doesn't play tennis. Then hand a racquet to a professional tennis player. Don't ask them to play. Just ask them to hold the racquet. Without even knowing which person was the pro and which was the layman, an outsider could tell you right away who's who by how they're handling the racquet. There's a level of comfort, a connection, as if the racquet (or, in baseball, the bat) were an extension of the pro's arm.

The same is true with Karina. She handles fuck toys in a completely natural, relaxed way, as if they're an extension of her hands and arms, as if she spends hours each day practicing with them, drilling her tight, young cunt with the big, thick dildos and vibrators. The fact that she doesn't do this-that she's a hand-to-clit girl-makes her skills even more noteworthy.

So enjoy Karina in this red dress then enjoy watching one of the true greats of fuck-toy usage at work. Or at play. Whatever. She's doing it for you.

 The queen of fuck toys

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