Tina Lee: Slippery When Sopping Wet

"I love my boobs," said Tina Lee. "I love how big they are and how womanly they make me feel. Most guys do not talk to me about my breasts but I know what is in their minds. I can read their thoughts when they look at me. My girlfriends are used to me and none of them are jealous."

When Tina talks, she laughs and giggles. It makes her even more attractive than she already is.

"I hope that the guys who are attracted to me like me for more than my breasts. It can be hard for me to get men to pay attention to me, not just my boobs. I am more than just a big-boobed girl."

Tina was asked what her friends would think about her posing naked.

"If they are my real friends, they won't care. They won't be negative. They might be surprised but nothing more than that."

Tina Lee: Slippery When Sopping Wet

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