Tropical titillation

With her sex-kitten voice, Letha Weapons could recite her grocery list and it would sound like she was talking about sex. There are models who don't want to talk about sex. Letha is the opposite.

"I like to have sex for about 20-30 minutes, take a break, do it again, take another break, do it some more. I don't like men who want to fuck for an hour or two straight, 'cause your pussy just gets beaten up.

"I love to fuck black guys. But I've fucked just about one of everything. Not because I'm into porn now, but before that. The porn shoots are great because you get to fuck for an hour, do it some more later, and you get to fuck a lot of different guys."

Now, about cock size.

"I like a big dick. Big doesn't mean huge. A good size is best. Plus, I like a guy who knows how to dance because that's a sign of somebody who knows how to fuck. That's why I like black people, because they can dance and they can fuck.

"I get a bit wild when I fuck. I can fuck a dick good. I'm not like a dead fuck. I talk, I say dirty things. People always tell me that my pussy feels different than other girls'. It's tight, juicy and so good to fuck. I've heard that from a lot of guys, so I guess that's why so many people like to fuck me."

Tropical titillation

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