Erica Everest's Naked Workout

Erica Everest was a feature dancer from Kentucky. Well-known on the strip club circuit, she sailed on Boob Cruise 1997.

A very hot-looking, sexy blonde, Erica was aware of the difference in the size of her breasts compared to many of the other big-boobed girls, especially compared to SaRenna Lee, who did a video and still set with her. ("They're not that big," Erica said about her own boobs.) but overall, she was a sweet package and her tits were more mainstream-sized. Most importantly, she was happy with her sleek body.

"When I go out, I don't wear very provocative clothing," Erica told SCORE's editor in 1996. "Guys still hit on me. Not because they know I'm in magazines, so I really don't know why. It gets annoying sometimes but it's also very flattering. I'm actually very shy so a lot of times I like my space."

And that was true. "I could talk about sex, but to tell you the truth, it's pretty embarrassing. I've only had one serious relationship in my life and I don't sleep around at all. I know your readers are going to hate reading that but it's true."

Erica Everest's Naked Workout

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